The Greening and Wanderlust

August, 2012 The Greening was created at I-Park Artist Residency, East Haddam, CT
The Greening is a film about self-sabotage and the ways that we spy-on, embarrass, enjoy, and agitate ourselves. This film was created late at night in the woods of Connecticut.

May 2012, Wanderlust and Won't Let it Rain were created at Tou Scene Artist Residency, Stavanger, Norway
Wanderlust is a film about sleep, memory and longing. It was created in an abandoned beer hall in Stavanger, Norway in the summer of 2012.

Exhibition details (3D mock-up of exhibition below)
Note! This project has not yet been exhibited as a solo exhibition. The Greening would be displayed in 9 scenes on 9 flatscreens in 12? x 12? pine wood frames. A 6? wide wall would be attached to the existing wall in one of the corners of the gallery (ideally the wall would be the height of the ceiling. ) Wanderlust and Won't Let it Rain ( A looping single channel video created to screen next to Wanderlust ) would be projected on the wall adjacent to The Greening.

Watch the Greening on vimeo...

Watch Wanderlust on vimeo...

Watch Won't let it Rain on vimeo...

the Greening by Jennie Thwing

Installation view of Wanderlust and Won't Let it Rain appear projected on the outer walls. The Greening appears on the center wall.

The Greening - Screen