Installation view of Buried but Breathing

Created at Est-Nord-Est Artist Residency, Quebec

Funded and exhibited by La Vitrine Gallery in Jean-Saint-Joli, Quebec Canada and at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, USA. Haystack Details: An 8? x 8? haystack is lit by a single spotlight. The haystack is expanding and contracting as if it is breathing. The movement is created by an internal inflatable form that is inflated and deflated by an air compressor. The compressor is hidden behind a gallery wall.

Woodshop and Wraphead are short films that explore the
hidden narratives and histories that lie just under the surface of our surroundings. With visual effects like breathing hay and bursting fruit, the videos hint at the spirits inherent in nature and refuse, and its inherent vulnerabilityserve. The films serve as ?living portrait ? and combine stop motion animation with film. The projections are approximately 13? wide x 9? high.

Watch Buried but Breathing: Bird on vimeo

Watch Buried but Breathing: Woodshop on vimeo

Watch Buried but Breathing: Wraphead on vimeo

the Greening by Jennie Thwing

Installation view Wanderlust and Won't Let it Rain appear projected on the outer walls. The Greening appears on the center wall.